Personal Project / june 2016 - july 2016

"Aro" is a product concept that I thought of and wanted to explore further. Although there's not a lot of physical result, I tested important skills such as concept visualization and development, CAD, electrical prototyping, and idea presentation. By the end, I had a working electrical demo and a detailed CAD of the casing, which I presented to the company I was interning at during the time.

I was inspired by scientific studies that suggested how aromas can improve certain aspects of life. For example, a Japanese study found how a lemon scent can improve productivity in the workplace. I wanted to translate aromatherapy research into a wearable device by enabling users to smell aromas near certain objects or places. One could use it to smell lemon (productivity) near their laptop, or lavender (stress-relief/sleep) near their bedside, or even peppermint (nausea) in a car for those who have motion sickness.

| Sketchbook Samples

I documented my thought process and design decisions in a sketchbook, which helped me stay organized as I made the CAD model.

| Electrical Prototype

I made the electrical prototype out of an Arduino with a RFID/NFC controller shield. The shield could detect RFID sticker tags and send a current through a piezo that would then vaporize a small amount of aromatic oil through a wick.