|Astro Yo-Yo

2.008 Design & Manufacturing II / fall 2016

Astro Yo-yo is a classic yo-yo that contains spaceships and stars inside, which swirl around in "space" as the user plays with the toy. The project demonstrates the manufacturing processes taught in MIT's Design & Manufacturing II class, including injection molding and thermoforming.

Goals of the project included making the yo-yo cost-effective and standardized, which involved much analyzing, testing, and iterating. In the end, we were able to manufacture and assemble 50-60 functioning yo-yos at a very competitive price.

| CAD Models

A major role I had was making the CAD model for the yo-yo. The parts included the body, o-ring, thermoformed clear casing, and press fit ring. To make sure the parts would hold together securely via press fit, I had to consider different tolerances. I also had to take into account draft angles, part thickness, and undercuts while designing for injection molding.

| Injection Molding Simulation

I performed an injection molding simulation in SolidWorks to analyze how many gates the yo-yo mold should have. I could compare fill time, pressure, cooling time, etc. In the end, we determined that one gate on the side was sufficient.

Collaborators: Ivy Chang / Matt De La Ossa / Scott Mayberry / Antony Zhao