|HackMIT 2016

Marketing Lead / march 2016 - september 2016

HackMIT is one of the nation's largest hackathons. Organized by MIT students and held on MIT campus in September, HackMIT brings together over 1,000 college students from around the world to hack over a 24-hour period.

photo by Annie Zhang

The HackMIT organizing committee is a group of 20-30 MIT undergraduates dedicated to empowering students through technology and innovation. As the Marketing Lead of the 2016 committee, I was in charge of branding decisions and directing the marketing sub-committee.

| Branding

The branding was decided with the aim of embodying HackMIT's culture and personality.

|| Website Design

| Promotional Items

We handed out many promotional items, or "swag," to all of our participants! I designed many of the swag items, including socks, badges, lanyards, folders, thank you cards, stickers, and tattoos. I also designed and organized customized shirts for each team member to wear on the day of. For all of these items, I was also in charge of organizing the financial and logistical aspects of the process.

|| Badges

|| Tattoo Design

Overall, it was an honor leading the marketing committee and shaping HackMIT 2016 with the organizing team. While gaining much experience in branding and leadership, I was also able to work with a diverse group of people, all of which I can call my friends.

To check out more about HackMIT, visit our website for information about the event and our Facebook and Twitter for updates and photos!

|| HackMIT Website

|| Facebook

|| Twitter

Collaborators: the HackMIT Team