MakeMIT 2015: Hardware Hackathon / march 2015

PentaTune is a handheld device that allows user to create short musical loops and share personalized tunes with other users. Friends can replay the loops and add their own musical creations to them through their own PentaTune devices, achieving a synergetic music experience.

The idea of PentaTune started through MakeMIT 2015, a hardware hackathon. Our team of five had approximately 15 hours in phase 1 of the hackathon to build the first prototype of our idea. We were one of the ten teams to be invited back for phase 2 in order to continue our project along with $500 of reimbursed materials.

| MakeMIT Phase 1

february 28 2015 / 10:00AM - 12:00AM

I constructed the physical foundation for our first prototype, which consisted of 3D-printed pieces, laser-cut acrylic, sensors, buttons, and foamcore.

|| Modeling

|| Result

| MakeMIT Phase 2

march 7 2015 / 10:00AM - 6:00PM

The second phase of the hackathon allowed me to improve our design given more time and materials. I decided to model a more aesthetic and sturdy casing out of 3D-printed and laser-cut materials.

|| Modeling

MMGS unit system

|| Fabrication

photos by John Chow

|| Result

By the end of phase two, our team achieved a prototype that could play and record music by pressing various buttons and send the loops to another device. We could also manually change the musical sounds or styles that the buttons produced.

|| Featured in Mashery Developer Blog

Collaborators: Samantha Bishamber / Manuel Castro / Justin Xiao / Jennifer Zhang