|Quest Room

5 Wits Productions / spring 2018

5 Wits Productions asked us to explore and develop concepts for a "quest room." To learn more about what these rooms are, click here. Throughout the project, I used various methods to convey ideas, such as storyboards, sketches, and room visualizations.

| Room Theme Exploration

My team wanted each member to explore a different room theme. I created three storyboards for an "Alice in Wonderland" theme.

| Concept Exploration

Later, we decided as a team to go with a "Wild West" theme. I made a storyboard for a room in which the "prisoners" (players) must sneak past the "sleeping sheriff." I then illustrated concept sketches of elements in the potential room.

| Room Visualization

I made room visualizations in Illustrator for our final room concept.

Collaborators: Hugh Day-Williams / Megan Fu / Fano Razafindrakoto / Georgette Tso