|Storytime Genie

2.723 Engineering, Innovation & Design / fall 2015

Engineering, Innovation & Design is a seminar that revolves around innovative design thinking. Students learn about the iterative design process and develop techniques to enhance creative analysis. The class aims for its students to be able to successfully execute projects by finding innovative design solutions to challenges in any engineering discipline.

The final project was to create a phone system with interactive voice response. The process included designing the structure of the call flow, coding the system using Angel.com, and branding. Two other group members and I decided on the concept of "Storytime Genie," a phone system that parents can call into and record stories for their children to listen to at any time. In making design decisions throughout the project, we strived to optimize user experience and provide the best possible way for parents and children to share the joys of storytelling.

| Branding

I was in charge of branding my group's phone system, which meant designing our corporate image and how users would view our product. I wanted our brand to appeal to children and give impressions of "playfulness" and "magic."

| Phone System Design

Below is a simplified call flow diagram of Storytime Genie. Each box or state involves a set of prompts, options, and/or actions that allows the system to interact with the user and execute tasks successfully. The table to the right demonstrates an example of the state "Record or Listen."

| Deliverable & Presentation

By the end of the seminar, my group presented the final product of Storytime Genie both in a printed deliverable and class presentation, which are available in the sources below.

|| View Deliverable

|| View Presentation Slides

Collaborators: Willow Jarvis / Nalini Singh